Last Minute Summer Grow - Wish Me Luck - Sativas

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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Sending you lots of love and positive energy.


Nicholas Flamel

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Cool experiment danish. I did something similar to that a couple weeks ago. I froze the suger leaves like you did. Then put a couple handfulls into a one gallon, 73 micron bubble bag. Then i proceeded to punch and smash the bag to break up the material good. Then I shook the bag over a clean table for 10 minutes. I was amazed to get some pretty nice kief. I was on the moon for a few hours after that.
I repeated the same process with the same leaves in a 160 and then a 220 micron bag and got a couple more little piles.

I enjoyed this journal Danish. You have lots of great ideas and your not afraid to experiment. Plus you have some awsome pictures of a Jamaican Sativa! :yummy:. Thanks for the grow man. I learned alot :3::48:


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Nicholas :high-five: good job on the Kief man :tokin:

Same here when I smoke the kief, I get completely switched off "reality world" and start to ramble in the forest of thoughts. To bad the quantity is very limited I wish I had pounds of Kief lol.

I appreciate your comments, glad you enjoy all my crazy experiments (some are bound to not work...) I try to put as much ideas out there maybe some else can pick up and add some of their knowledge and make it better, you know community style.

That Jamaican is my little precious I have been working with these seeds since I started here in 420mag, hopefully after a couple more years I can get her 100% stabilized and make something really nice out of her.

Thanks for the good vibes !
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