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Last Remaining Seeds of Unknown Strain Bred By The Emperor Himself


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You are full of s__t. Jack always told me here at my house, he Never grew pot. My granddaughter is is God Daughter, you are lying, and no way should you be telling this lie. He was fearing for his life at the time you said he gave you seeds. Unreal-He Never Maditated as he was too high on life & shooms to slow down and meditate. Wow, what a story


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I have used colchicine back in the seventies and early eighties in relation to my breeding program. The problem with generating "mutants" is that everyone thinks that this means an improvement. Over whelmingly it is not. The hardest thing to do generation after generation in a breeding program is to maintain focus on whatever characteristic that you are trying to enhance or stabilize. I have the last seed of one of my breeding projects growing out right now. It's a long story and it's going to be sad for me to smoke the last of this exact line. Frinds named her Merry-Go-Round but the line is now very unstable and prone to hermaphrodism. I had to incorporate some new blood into her line and we will see how she goes. The new line is Carnival Ride. This just goes to show you the amount of time and effort that breeding takes. Very challenging on a small scale with limited plant populations.

For those with an interest in the lines background it started as a single Jamaican lambsbread seed smuggled into Southern Illinois in 79 or 80. It was a female crossed with an Afghani seed given to me by my black pickle hash suppliers in Chicago. That cross yielded 3 seeds which gave me one large robust female and one male. I made selected branch crosses because I didn't want to ruin the insane bud. After a few years of working with this line I crossed it with a very piney long time line out of Western Kentucky. This line of weed had been grown and inbred since before anyone could remember. A couple of years later and Merry-Go-Round was born! Very rewarding but with small plant populations this kind of backyard breeding, even with my background and greenhouses, is a crap shoot! Best of luck in all you grow!


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