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Last two weeks of blooming in total darkness?


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Quoted from a seed bank website :

"Flowering Time: On both mediums it is suggested to flower (12 hour light) the White Widow XXX for 8 weeks, but 10 weeks will really give you the crystals you are after. We suggest the final 2 weeks of the flowering cycle to turn the lights off altogether. This keeps the flowers from regrowth and stresses the plant into giving up its last drop of goodness as crystal to protect the flower."

I've been doing a lot of reading on 420mag and haven't read anything about total darkness for the last two weeks of blooming. Does anyone here actually do this?


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Seems like a bit much. It's not natural for the plants to not get any light either so I don't think it would promote anything.


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here here 2 days after that the plant starts to go into stress due to lack of light plants require photosynthises to grow 2 weeks seems a bit of a overkill
would any plant normally be in darkness for two weeks at a time?
unless you lived way north or way south and had times of constant light/darkness
i try to mimic nature as best i can cause i know it works


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What about in Anchorage area where summer days are up to 23hours of light? I wonder how they have such great results with all vegetation.


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Does anyone here actually do this?
No I do not. As I can flower outside all year long fortunately.But over the last 20+ years I have heard of this, but never witnessed the results or have known anyone to have, along with a control group to monitor each for end results.
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