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Thought I'd post some pics, and some info on my latest grow....I've been a closet/tent grower for about three years. I use some Badboy T-5s, and various LEDs (in my tents). I've been using OC+, and after a couple of years have found it works for me...I've tried several different stains, and because of head room, I seem to do better with shorter Indica varieties.


I have been using LST, to make the most out of my space. During the summer I built some trellises /screens out of PVC pipe, and have some pics to share. By far, it seems to work well for me, allows the light to penitrate deeper into the canopy, lots more buds by far, they seem denser as well..and, less plants, three instead of four.

Here one girl under a LED, I have her limbs really spread out, in a space that before I had three or four plants..

Thanks to all for sharing their experience...
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