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Laughter is the best tonic

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Sometimes when I am sitting and going through the new posts, someone will say something that just cracks me up. I'm not talking about a Ha Ha, but a real good belly laugh that brings tears to your eyes. I've noticed that when I settle down, I have this wonderful sensation that lingers long after the laughter subsides. It's like a tonic or something. I can be in a right pissy mood and then read something that gets me giggling. All of a sudden the pissy mood is gone and I feel fantastic.
I tend to follow the members that make me laugh and have them all added to my buddy list. I also tend to give reps to those peeps that crack me up.
Has anyone else found that laughter can be beneficial.


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Absolutely! I love to laugh every day. If nothing else, watching John Stewart or late show monologues helps. And this 420 site is the best. Posts to "You Might Be a Pothead if" gets me rollin' every time. Nothing better than tokers' sense of humor. Sometimes when I burst out laughing my cats jump up and look all around wondering WTF. Just thinking about makes me laugh.


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true, true, there are sum funny muthas on here. I lose gaps of time when I am reading the forums, I get absorbed and then, whoa, an hour or two goes by. I read far more than I post, but I try and respond so I don't feel like a lurker!!!!!
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