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Laveder x Da Purps - Couch potato for the head


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I have never had a chance to try either of the parents of this strain. Not sure where this incredible high came from. I've tried a lot and have never came across this kind of head high.
Headband is one of my all time favorites because of the high. This cross has that same hit you behind the eyes high. What changes it is the warm heavy feeling you get in your head. It is like that great couch potato feeling you get from a heavy indica but it only goes as far as your shoulders. It is really quite nice. It does make you a little stupid if to much is smoked but still all in the head and shoulders.
I have never tried Soma genetics before. This high may have come from the Lavender. Soma is a smoker so I'm sure his strains are enjoyable to smoke. This hybrid is defiantly that.
Anyone know more about Da Purps or Lavender?
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