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Lawmakers Work On Medical Marijuana Legislation

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Lawmakers are working on a couple bills they say would give residents who legally use medical marijuana, better access to it.

"All you would need in my legislation is a permission prescription from a doctor that you are going to benefit from the use of marijuana," said Democratic Assemblyman Paul Aizley.

Aizley is preparing to introduce a bill that if passed would allow someone to grow and produce medical marijuana.

"As it is now, you can't transport it across state lines," said Aizley. "You can't take prescription from one place to another. It's just another barrier to a patient getting the medicine they need."

Republican Assemblyman Ed Goedhart is sponsoring a similar bill. He said it will help some 4,000 patients already in Nevada's medical marijuana registry. His bill has a provision for the creation of medical marijuana clinics.

"This just provides greater access for those the voters have already determined should have a legal right to their access of marijuana," said Goedhart.

Goedhart said 54% of the voters approved a ballot question allowing medical marijuana in 1999. In 2001, 65% approved it, making it Nevada law.

He said now it's time the state make it easier for patients to pick up their marijuana.

"Our intent is to take it out of the street and put it through a safe, legal access," said Goedhart.

So, just how far are lawmakers willing to go? Will we see legalized marijuana here in the Silver State anytime soon?

"Definitely a topic that does bear deliberation and possible movement," said Goedhart. "We will look at it some point in the future."

This session, there is no bill calling for the legalization of marijuana. Goedhart did tell Channel 2 News in ten years he could see marijuana legalized.

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