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Lawsuit Puts 2 Goodyear Medical-Pot Applicants on Hold

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Goodyear has received two medical-marijuana dispensary applications, but officials said it is unclear if they will open.

That's because the Arizona Department of Health Services, the regulating authority of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, isn't accepting dispensary applications pending the outcome of a federal lawsuit challenging the act and its rules, according to the department's website.

For now, Goodyear will review zoning-clearance applications from two Phoenix-based companies. The city will review site dimensions, planned land use, security details and separation requirements.

If the proposed facilities conform to Goodyear's regulations, the companies will be cleared to apply to the health department for dispensary licenses. If they are granted licenses, the companies can apply for building and zoning permits in the city.

Joe Schmitz, Goodyear planning manager, said it is unlikely Goodyear will have multiple dispensaries because the health department limits the number of medical-marijuana facilities to one per Community Health Analysis Area. Those areas are designated by the department to analyze illness trends.

"Goodyear only has one (designated area)," Schmitz said.

Potential sites

On Feb. 24, Goodyear received its first application from Allison Nagel Foundation LLC, said Harvey Krauss, Goodyear community development director.

The company proposed a facility called Greenhouse Farmacy, which would include two suites used as dispensary and cultivation sites in the Venida Business Park near Van Buren Street and Litchfield Road.

Schmitz said the area is zoned for industrial use and complies with the city's separation and security regulations.

Some of the anti-theft security plans include bulletproof waiting areas, security guards, metal detectors and a one-patient-at-a-time entry policy.

Zoning clearance for Greenhouse Farmacy is pending additional paperwork from the company, Schmitz said.

Last month, Goodyear received a second zoning-clearance application for a dispensary facility called Golden Leaf Wellness Inc. The non-profit corporation is still being reviewed by the city, but it has asked to locate in a vacant site near Sarival Avenue and Eddie Albert Way.

The application submitted to Goodyear states that the dispensary would provide "baked goods, confections, liquids and oils as well as inhaling devices."

If cleared for zoning, the applicant will build a 2,500-square-foot dispensary, Goodyear officials said.

Goodyear rules

Goodyear restricts potential medical-marijuana dispensaries and cultivation locations to industrial zones.

In January, the City Council approved amendments to the city's zoning ordinance requiring that dispensary sites be 1,000 feet from schools, places of worship, child-care centers, libraries and community centers.

The dispensaries must be 500 feet from residential zoning areas, and multiple dispensaries and dispensary-cultivation sites must be 5,280 feet apart to prevent clustering.

The city ordinance also requires dispensaries to be 1,000 feet from adult businesses.

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