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Lazy Snow Ryder


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Hi All, I have a Snow Ryder auto/fem that looks real healthy (nice dark green)
but it seems to be stuck around 5" in height.

My re-purposed lower kitchen cabinet has 3 Biax t5 cfls (2-2700k 1-6500k) over top and 4-23watt cfls (2-2700k and 2-6500k) on the sides for approx 20k lumens. Lights 18/6. The cabinet measures approx 18' w, 26" deep and 34" tall, all sealed up with caulk with Mylar on the walls. Running a small travel humidifier. I have 3 cpu fans inside the cab for air movement and another larger cpu fan sucking in/blowing air out to vent the cab. Passive intake. It vents into 4" ducting with 2 inline duct fans pushing it all outside. Temps have been in the low 80's with humidity around 40-50%

I have my plant in FOF and waited a good 4 wks until I fed. Fed three times with no issues at all. The feedings were about 3-4 days apart. 1/4 nutes for the first 2 feedings with the nutes kicked up a hair for the 3rd feeding. Still looks real healthy. No burn etc... Rotating plant around the lights every am. Watered every three days (w/nutes the last 3 feedings).

The plant just looks real healthy but not much growth. The seed was hard to germ and took a week to get a sprout. This was the last of 5 seeds. The other 4 all had germ/sprout issues. I am about 5 wks into this grow; my first. It has a nice bud growing up the middle top with some popcorns down below.

...I know...be patient :roorrip:

?Any ideas? Thanks in advance...Brody


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Here are some pics:







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Strain - Snow Ryder (auto fem)
# of Plants - 1
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Vegetative but seems to be blooming also
Bucket Size - 2 gal
Lights - (3) t5 biax 2-2700k & 1-6500k over top, 2 23w-27k and 2 23w-65k on sidee (all cfl)
Nutrients - Grow & Bloom (DynaGrow)
Medium - 25% Perlite 75% FOF
PH - 6.5
RH - 40% to50%
Cab Temperature -80 to 88
Solution Temperature -
Room Square Footage - 16" x 26" x 34"tall
Pests - None Known

Problem: Plant growing slowly but looks very healthy. Seed was hard to germ/sprout. Last seed of 5. All other seeds had germ/sprout issues. First time grower. Any ideas?
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