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Leaf curling & twiting issues on clones- see pics & advise please


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recently re-potted
good potting soil
no nutrients
recently light burnt slightly
moved under florescent
only ONE leaf per plant effected
temp about 69



Thank you for you consideration of this issue.
I have a third clone without any issues--- so far...

HotshotShorty :peace:


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Hey, the cupping is coming from heat stress there trying to protect them selves from burning. Raise your lights more. And they are starting to drop because you have a serious phosphorus deficiency. Also the light green is lack of iron, which maybe due to a lockout which will also lock out Phosphorus and zinc. Either add bone meal, or add bloom base nutes. Bloom would be faster acting.


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I think you are right.
I watered with tap water which was cold, I believe I locked out nutrients.
I had litmus tested my water & it was 7
I recently tested my water with drops & it was 8.
12 grams acid to lower to 7 per gallon.
I have REALLY tried, but I've made some mistakes.
I watered heavy with the neutral water, I am waiting to see progress or a lack of it.
Thanks for the help.


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Welcome you want your water to be room temp before watering your plants


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water for soil should be 6.3 and flush till run off is 6.3, if run off is stubborn ph the water symetrically, ie if run off comes out at 6 PH with 6.6.

i water straight out of the cold tank in the attic and its winter here...never had a cold water issue, rain isnt room temprature either ;)


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oH GREAT.....
Just when you think you got a handle on it, someone come along and blows you out of the water...(grin)
That makes sense, but then it does grow during the summer.
The soil dried out enough that I put a little 24-8-16 liquid on them,
I bought some high dollar potting soil & planted them in that when I started.
I do not know soil, but it seems like the people that put it together would have put in what was needed???
I plan on seeing how they react to the fert. & flush the soil with a lower ph water when they dry out a bit(I don't want over watering to cloud the issue).
Thanks for your insight! :thanks:


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Update in about a week and see how things come out for ya. Remember cold temps will cause lock outs and P defs. If your un sure you can always Google and it will clarify what you think :thumb:
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