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Leaf discoloration


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72 is actually a little cool for cannabis. It likes it more around 79. That explains the beginning of fall colors.


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@Hitm4n910 I'll put in my 2 cents... My first impression is nitrogen deficiency, and the pot is too small. Your commercial soil mix may not have the right balance of nutrients, so that may be the root cause, coupled with perhaps not the right balance of water-retaining organic material in the mixture. I use 15 gal. smart pots and a custom made soil mixture that includes high-quality (low-salt) coco coir, which is excellent for both water penetration into the soil, and holding the water. I also add fresh worm compost, which is loaded with microbes, micronutrients, enzymes, fulvic and humic acids. I also add perlite, mainly for soil aeration – roots love oxygen, and this helps bring the nutrients up to the rest of the plant. I also add Mycos root booster when potting new clones, and when up potting to the 15 gal. pots.
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