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Leaf edges dark and curling down


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I have, in 'average soil' 1 Pure Power Plant sativa dom. mother about 6 weeks old. GH Flora series nutes 1/2 strength, 5 gal. pot, 60W 'Phillips Grow Light' bulb, feed/water every other day.
Her edges/sides of the leaves are curling down but not with bear claw tips, and the leaves are dark green. I have researched this site and others and found here that it could be a nitrogen toxicity. That maybe it would be best to cut my nitrogen in 1/2. even though I see no burn on the leaf tips. Also, not water/feed so much.
I struggled with a high PH and hard water but now plan on flushing with distilled water, to clean out the crap water and high PPM, I'm now switching to using distilled water only. But was wondering if you guys could help with other ways of recovering her since there is not much info out there regarding this problem. I guess I'm hoping for your experience, anything would be appreciated.


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I'd blame it on the high ph. In my experience (with soilless) once ph gets too high I get these symptoms. My theory was that many of the nutes get locked out, while the N doesn't. Google 'cannabis ph nutrient uptake chart' and you should be able to see what I mean.
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