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This is 3 days after spraying with emulsified neem. Or I put kelp meal Gaia green and kelp you kelp me??


Herby Green

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Hi Canna,
If your spraying with Neem Oil I presume you are experiencing pests on your leaf.
Are there any visible white specs indicating mites or aphids sucking juice from the leaf ?
Soap and water spray works great for spider mites.
A mini microscope is also a great tool for $30.

All the best


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whats the whole plant look like?

Neem is pretty strong stuff. Oil can burn leaves when the lights are on.
Here’s the plants outside
Also I usually water with rain water that’s bubbling. But this time I used the sitting water in barely.
could that be a factor?
Also the bubbling rain water is 6.5 ph





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PH off or too much water or both. Getting a lot of rain?? Is the soil drying out?

If you're growing outdoors prolly dont need neem. I grow outside and I dont use anything. I let nature take care of it all. I did have a snail onna plant yesterday tho but was easy to toss and squash.
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