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Leafs Yellow 1 week into flower


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Break down
tap water ph 6.5
soil ph 6.5
soil fox farm
hps 400

4 NYCD clones
4 g13 clones

Transplanted into main room 12/12 1 week ago
All of the plants leafs have turned yellow
The steams on the bottom of the plant are a maroon color hard to tell if it is a purple or red

I thought this was Mag problem
I used 1/4 epsom salt 1 gal water still with no luck
watered twice with this system






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I have not feed yet because of this

Should i start to feed them

I have tiger bloom

I think that is high in N


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ok after reading today i found this
Leaves are a uniform yellow or light green; leaves die & drop; growth is slow. Leaf margins are not curled-up noticeably. >> Nitrogen (N) deficiency. If not, go to #3.

Now this sounds some what ok But nothing about purple steams

Any ideas

The steams are getting very dark purple now on all of the plants

Room temp is 65-78

Night Prowler

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They look like different problems going on. That yellow plant on the bottom most likey needs more nitrogen. The other plants look like the same thing mine do when i leave them veg too long in small pots. I cant tell from the pics , but how deep does the soil go?


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I think i was under feeding there girls
As i was only feeding nute in one gallon of water when i was giving 3 gallons of water..

these girls where transplanted from 1 gallon pots into 28 gallon tubs
So 4 plants to each tub..
The soil i would say goes about 1 1/2 ft down

This is my 3rd grow with this same setup
And i was getting huge buds

But this is the first time i have used clones
Maybe that is where i failed with the nutes

Hope fully the feeding helped them out
How long should it take to see the change

The lights will not be on for another 8 hours
I will get some more pics

The g13 looks very bad as the entire plant is bright yellow and leaves are start to dry out and fall off...

MAN this sucks


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Help !! My plant is doing something a little different a week into flowering. The new growth, or in the middle of EVERY little bud, it is losing color... starting to turn yellow.. but only in the middles like I was saying. It's been doing fine until now.. it still looks healthy ( no drooping, nice little buds) I take it inside for 13 hours a night and bring it back outside for the day. In a kind of small pot. I used a high P nute for the first feeding, then I used just tap water.. should I use something higher in N maybe ? Should I fertilize every watering.. which is about every two days or so.... should I increasewatering?? please help me.. :) I just posted a pic, so I have to wait until it gets approved !!


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it looks like a healthy plant but that yellow spot is kinda odd, might check your PH or maybe you have salinity and need a flush?
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