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LEAP Blog - Alison Myrden - Re: The Possession Law has Fallen in Ontario, Canada


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LEAP Blog November 20th, 2007

The Possession Law has fallen in Ontario, Canada!

Hi everyone...

This week I thought I would fill you all in on my latest videos from
Youtube that were placed there this past few weeks by two Sheridan
College Journalism Students YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Two incredibly bright Journalism students I might add, Mike Terry and
Evan Buchanan (Oakville, Ontario, Canada) filmed me recently for their
Journalism Course and put it up on Youtube...

Here are the two very different results (both very well done I
thought)... many thanx to these talented and compassionate young men.

YouTube - Medical Marijuana Beat Story

YouTube - Medical Marijuana Beat Story

On another note, some big very big news came down in Ontario, Canada
recently. In July of 2007 the same ruling in a different Ontario
Courthouse, made History by a court Ontario Judge declaring Canada`s
"Possession of cannabis" law invalid and unconstitutional . The
cannabis laws have been ruled unconstitutional once again in this most
recent Court case. It's been a pretty exciting year for Ontarians,
that's for sure. No Possession Law for cannabis as of this moment in
our Province once again...

Friends of mine, Philosophy Professor Doug Hutchinson and Legal
scholar Ed Pearson's Tom, Dick and Harry ruling on October 19th, 2007
as mentioned, made History. This is what the present Judge based his
decisions on. To this day there has been no appeal to the Long
decision weeks ago in Ontario from July 2007. also involving Professor
Hutchinson and Ed Pearson, saying the exact same thing. Any given
appeal would have to take place in a higher Court the experts say and
so far no one has challenged this.

ThePotLawHasFallen.ca - Home

Press Release


2007 November 14

Canada's prohibition of the possession of marijuana has once again
been declared to be constitutionally invalid and of no legal force or

In a judgment released yesterday of a decision he rendered in Oshawa
on October 19, Justice Edmondson of the Ontario Court of Justice
dismissed charges against three young men accused of simple possession
of marijuana, declaring that "there is no offence known to law which
the accused have committed."

Justice Edmondson said that he found to be "persuasive" the reasoning
of judgement released July 13 and July 26, 2007 by Justice Borenstein
(also of the Ontario Court of Justice) which had previously found the
prohibition to be invalid;

ThePotLawHasFallen.ca - Judgement

Both judges declared that the Medical Marijuana Access Regulations are
unconstitutional, which automatically makes the overall prohibition
legally invalid.

"This has been my view for years," said Prof. Doug Hutchinson, a
professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto and himself a
user of medical marijuana.

ThePotLawHasFallen.ca - News Articles

"The prohibition of the possession of marijuana has been invalid since
2001 July 31, the anniversary of the Parker ruling." He publicly
predicted that he would be able to prove the invalidity of the
prohibition to the first judge he could get to consider the arguments;
and this prediction was fulfilled on October 19 in Oshawa.

Professor Hutchinson now calls on the Provost of Trinity College


and the president of the University of Toronto


to recognize that the marijuana prohibition is invalid and to abandon
their illegitimate attempt to enforce on campus this invalidated law.
He calls on the Deputy Director of the Ontario Region of the Federal
prosecution Service to withdraw charges in all pending cases of
marijuana possession in Ontario,


and he calls on the Deputy Attorney General of Canada to withdraw
charges in all pending cases in Canada.

ThePotLawHasFallen.ca - News Articles

Hutchinson also calls on all Canadian citizens to spread the word
about the fall of the law, to render assistance to any Canadians
accused under the invalid law, and to refuse to recognize the validity
of any alleged marijuana prohibition, unless a future prohibition
comes to be legitimately enacted by Commons and Senate in proper
democratic fashion.

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