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leaves curling during flowering


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So I am a first time grower, the seed is a la confidential/kush hybrid, I am using 3 40w 2500k soft white bulbs, growing in 3 gallon pot Miracle grow (cactus, Palm and citrus potting soil), watering about 1/2 gallon of rain water a day, I am now in the 12/12 light cycle (since July 18th), plant has always seemed healthy and full, had one heat burn to top of plant caused by brother in-law, recovered well.

So the problem I'm seeing now that it's flowering is some of the leaves around the bud sites are begining to turn somewhat yellow and curling up. I have tried several different things to see how it reacts but hasn't changed anything, I've tried moving light further away, raising humidity, giving more water. The buds look very healthy to me, have lots of crystals and great odor, the plant has defiantly been growing each day, approximately 1/2-1 inch per day. I'm not sure if I should change anything or just keep going the way I am, I'm not even sure if my place looks healthy in the seasoned grower standards. Please let me know any and all input. Thanks in advance!

Also please tell me how to upload pictures on here


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Thanks for the help on uploading pictures, this site can be very confusing for first time users but your help was perfect.

Now anyone that can give input on plant please let me know asap! Thanks

The first two photos are 1 week and 1 day ago the second two are current photos as of August 9th


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The lights are CFL's which do not get hot enough to burn the plant unless put directly in contact with each other, the bulbs are about 3-5 inches away as they are moved up as they grow, the plant suffered a burn from brother in-law putting it back in my veg cabinet when it was way to tall (he's an idiot), it has since fully recovered from that.
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