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Leaves Drop After Irrigation


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Strain - White Widow (Nirvana Seeds)
# of Plants -5
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Flowering
Bucket Size - 6.5 Liter (about 2 gallons)
Lights - (1) 250W CFL Elektrox Dual spectrum
Nutrients - BioBizz Product Line
Medium - BioBizz Light Mix
RH - 35% to 45%
Room Temperature - 20-21°C (night) 25-27°C (Day)
Room Square Footage - 1m x 1m x 1.8m (Homebox L 1.8)
Pests - None Known

Here's my problem folks:

I water my plants every 3 days, or when the upper 1 1/2" layer of the soil feels dry with 400ml of water. This gives me a 10-20% runoff each time. Pretty much 20 min. after I watered the plants I can tell how the top leaves of each plant curl down, showing a dropping impression. The leaves do go back up after 1-2 hours after watering. I am now not sure if this a form of over watering, as I believe over watering comes from leaving the soil soggy and watering it again without properly drying the soil out for the roots to breath. All 5 plants look very healthy and are a little bigger than 2'.

I appreciate any form of advice for this particular problem.




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I`ve had that issue time to time, could be too much water, mixed with Closeness of light. As long as the stem is healthy and the top leaves are continuing to grow, i wouldn`t worry. I would add 1 tsp of Epson Salt to your next watering and see what transpires.
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