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Leaves got probs - First to second week of flowering - Treating mites


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Hey guys,

I have been treating my spider mites with Green Cleaner for the past week. First treatment went GREAT, leaves looked nice and clean green the next day. Second treatment, I noticed some leaves were wilting, and showing some sign of brown spots.

Now on my 3rd spraydown, I see the smaller leaves at the bottom are not looking as good. Top of plant looks great still. I measured PH of water, run-off water and soil, both are around 6.0-6.5.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening? It's been hot here near the window but i have a fan on it, room seems cool.

Thanks, my first grow! low budget window grow (although I already spend over $100, I have 2 flowering, 2 babies, and a few clones I am working on)
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