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leaves light green and yellowing


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hi all can someone tell me whats going on with my plants/ i have 6 plants; 2 gdp , 2 grapefruit kush, 2 grapefruit diesel growing in 5gal net baskets in 5 gal buckets in a recirculating drip dwc system with a 40 gal tank .flowering stage 2 1/2 weeks into 12/12 . 1000 watt hps 18-24 inches above plants. gh nutrients 3 part plus koolbloom,hydrogen peroxide, epsome salt and budswell[bat guano]. 1000 ppm ph 5.85 room temp 80 degress , 65 rh. solution temp 76 degrees.PROBLEM; ALL PLANTS have a few leaves that started light green and getting lighter green to yellow. some leaves show a little burning on tips and edges. veins are dark green. leaves are straight except very tip bends down . seems like more leaves are doing this over time. thanks for any input


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Had many of the same problems with an outdoor plant on Miracle-Gro. Yellowing, burning and loss of fan leaves. Patio plants have it too. Wish I knew what to do.
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