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Leaves of Grass


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Leaves of Grass
Leaves of Grass 2010 R 104 minutes

Edward Norton stars in this quirky tale centered on a respected Ivy League professor who's lured back to Oklahoma to help his equally brilliant twin brother -- who grows the world's finest hydroponic marijuana -- best a big-time pot pusher.

This is the type of movie I may never have even tried except for being an Edward Norton fan. IT IS AWESOME!!!!

It has a great plot, it is funny, sad, touching, romantic. This movie has everything!

I found it on Netflix, but I have also seen it in the Clearance rack at Wal-Mart.

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This movie reminded me of American Beauty for some reason.
Look at the plot of American Beauty in the most basic manner, something like this.
Lester's miserable.
His family makes him more miserable.
He start's smoking pot again.
He dies.

And Leaves of Grass?
Bill's Miserable.
His brother who he also plays(Brady) and his mother make him miserable.
He smokes smoke pot after a long time, I would say it was a rare occasion.
And then! Everybody dies...

I enjoyed it a lot. I'm just saying that for some reason a lot of movies of similar genre have the same basic plot.


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It was certainly a deep movie, funny how a movie about pot can be deep and thought provoking. :smokin: Glad you liked it though. :thumb:
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