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Hey everyone thanks or taking the time to help. First set of plants I’ve grown so trying to learn from mistakes. But I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

currently in week 8 from germination and it feels like the plants are stuck on week 4
there has been slow to no new growth and and new growth is immediately followed by the death of old growth.

i water with a ph of 6-6.5 every 2-3 days depending on the soil and have slow release nutrients that I put in the soil when I transplanted

the issues I’m having I’ve had since week 4 so I was hoping with the transplant and nutrition it would bounce back but sadly not

what’s happening is new nods will grown a beautiful lime green then darken start to close upward like a taco then shrivel up like silly string. This issue has popped up in the last 2 weeks where the mai. Problem was leaves turns brown and crisping. I looked all over and can’t seemto find a similar issue aside from underwatering. So I changed the frequency and amount of water to see if it made a difference and just seem to accelerate the issue. Can see the pics below. I’m pretty sure all these girls should be double there size to. Any input out help amazingly

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Slow release fertilizers are not generally used with cannabis. I think your plant is locked up due to the build up of excess nutrients and salts in the root zone. I grow in coco/perlite, so I'd rather have a soil grower assist in fixing the problem. I'll point you to a few resources that can help...

You'll find lots of good information for soil growing in Emilya's current journal. Her paper, 'The Proper Way to Water a Potted Plant' is considered a must read for soil growing.


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It was a soil, ph/ph pen, and light intensity issue. I have transplanted to coco flushed the plants for a week to let it use up what ever time release was left over and then top dressed with time release again. I replaced my ph pen out of curiosity and could put it was not able to be recalibrated and was almost 4 full points off. I also bought a new temp and HR monitor and increased the temperature to 80F and put them in a tent. As you can see from the pictures the girls are loving it!!! The grown is amazing and with LST I am back in track for a strong harvest. I’ll definitely be making a YouTube video for future reference.

pictures below first bunch are weeks 2-3 of recovery last two are week 4 of recovery

thanks for the advice much appreciated


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