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Leaves turned down like a hook


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going in to the 3rd week of flowering, and the tops of my plants, the leaves are hooking down real sharp, they look like a hook, some of the lower leaves are curling under long-ways, like an upside down canoe.
there are a few lighter spots on some of the lower leaves, some of them have light colored edges.

my setup is

- ebb&flow
- rock wool in hydroton
- 400w hps
- flora nova bloom, 1 teaspoon per gallon of water
- ph 5.6-6.2 average
- average temp during day is 80 degrees or so, humidity 50% night temp may go down to 70 degrees on occasion
- water 2 times a day with lights on, 1 time during night

- the lamp is a little closer that 18 inches, cause i let them grow too tall before topping them, so i have tied them back from the lamp.

I change nute's every week, and have flushed with plain water a few times for 15-30 min before changing water and adding nutes again.

not sure what the problem is, it seems intermittent among branches...some look like this, others look fine...

any help would be appreciated


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3rd week huh? Hmm. May be nitrogen. But it sounds like you are overwatering like crazy. Use the wet/dry cycle. Don't water until the soil is dry 1 inch below the surface.

That should be every 3 days or so. No nutes for 5 days, then 1/2 strength, full strength 5 days from that with watering.

Oh, if you have sea tea, 1/4 stregth every other day for a week then 1/2 strength every 5 days till 2 weeks or so from harvest.
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umm...I am not using soil..ebb & flow hydro, rockwool in hydroton clay pellets

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Is there any chance of pics. It sounds like you might have high fert levels in your water. Are the leaves a really dark green?


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Sorry no pics..but the leaves are dark green....I am on plain water starting today..2 days ago, i flushed with plain water, changed water, then went back to nutes...GH flora nova bloom, 1 teaspoon per gallon

both same strain. blue widow...one plant doesn't seem as affected, but the one nearest to the water inlet to the table seems most affected...the instructions for the nutes, show 1 teaspoon per gallon to be an EC of 1
as i said earlier, each time i change nutes, once per week, i would flush the table with plain water for 15-30 inutes before changing water, and refilling with same nute strength


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I only have them in a single small rockwool cube, i never placed them in a 4inch cube...

I have my pump set for 3 times a day....24/3 thats once every 8 hours...for 15 minutes at the time.

at 6am when lights come on..again at 2pm, then again 10 pm

is that too much ? cause like I said many leaves are looking fine, the largest ones look best. seems to affect smaller leaves, and the tops

i went to plain water today


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i try to flush with plain water at 5.8 PH, and the ph of the table once full is about the same as the tank, and once the flush is done the PH is about 5.8-6.0

i changed the water today again and have my tank with plain water at 5.8 PH
too early to tell if there has been an effect on them


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loc6cuzz...If you read my posts, you'll see I am not using soil...this is hydro, so if i only watered 2 times every 5 days...well you get the idea...


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hey dude... your ph should be a little lower . try 5.5 to 5.8 . and add a little potassium silicate to your mix . you should switch to drip irrigation and run it 25% of your light cycle .i.e. 1 minute on and 4 minutes off. run your nutrients at 1000-1200 ppm if you are using hid lamps and around 800-1000 for flouresence.:439:


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He must have harvested by now. It was 5 months ago after all. Plus your info won't help him. If you would read the posts he was running a ebb and flo hydroponic set up. Watering every three days would cause his plants to dry up. Plus it's proven that several smaller waterings are actually better than 1 huge watering. For several reasons.


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Re: Leaves turned down like a hook - UPDATED

Sorry for such a late update, the harvest was excellent!

Thanks to all for the help. The issue was over fertilization, I cut the nutes down to half strength, 1/2 teaspoon of GH Flora Nova Bloom per gallon of water.


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glad it all worked out for you:headbang:


So you cut your nutes down and it cured the hooking problem? I have the same my plant is nice and healthy green (only problem was the hooking issues an purple stems on some of the leaves but I just started Flora duo (a & b formula, with cal/mag) at a ratio of 10ml-a, 5ml-b, 5ml cal/mag for a 1.7 gal water bucket. So hope that the cal/mag helps with my purple stems and the lack of nitrogen might stop my hooking? Or am I reading it wrong?
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