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Merry Xmas everyone!

I am a bit stressed seeing the dead tissue / red spots (red under led) on the leaves just before harvest (2/3 days). I was also planning to regenerate her, so depending on your views I'll decide course of action.

Overview: these are my first two plants. It's a coco - perlite medium (60pct/40pct), under a "900w" LED (real consumption around 430w). Small fan only during light hours. Temperatures vary btw 23 and 17 celsius. Humidity a bit high at around 65pct, but varies. Overall I think that the environment is well controlled and the plants have looked healthy up until now. This started approx two weeks ago.

I water with tap-water (soft water in this part of the world). I wait for the chlorine to evaporate.
I was leaving the molasses for as long as a full day before watering. Canna A&B up to 4ml/l, and recently added PK13/14 at 2ml/l for a week. And then 1ml for a couple more days.
Flushing since one week ago: watering with only water & molasses. (No flushing tons of water on the shower).

I have no idea what could be causing the red spots, maybe fungi?
I have a 60-120x microscope, and I don't see anything moving on the leaves. I don't think it is connected to the white on the pots. The red spots just look like dead leaf tissue. I have no pH meter either.

Any ideas what might it be? Just general weakness of the plant --as it's just days away from cut, or something more serious?

btw, I have to admit I don't know how to attach photos on the post, so ...



powdery mildew on the smart pot?

(don't think it's connected, or problematic per se. I wish it was myko fungi, but I v much doubt it)
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