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Hi guys,
I'm starting a new project growing cannabis in a 80x80x180 (2.6ft x 2.6ft x 5.9ft) tent and a Galaxyhydro 300W LED light. In a few days I will add pictures of the setup.

Im still deciding on the best way to germinate the seeds, I'm thinking paper towel method.

Hang in to see more, it's gonna be a blast!


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Day 0: Room setup

Here's the setup of the room, 2 11liter pots and a galaxyhydro 300w LED. Im expecting to start germinating tomorrow or monday.

Figure 1: Galaxyhydro 300w LED lamp

Figure 2: 2 11 liter pots along with CANNA TERRA soil


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Day 1: Germination

Germinating started
I have used the water cup method for germinating my seeds. They sunk into the water after a few hours and i put them inside wet paper towels afterwords. I'll check on them in half a day.

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Hope all is well in your world.

How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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