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Hey guys, prior to the new spot being up and running we are gonna run some seeds and see if we cant fine another flavor to run with Tangie.
Same tent, same set up minus HPS( buying a couple more Platinums) one will be added before flower.
Seeds germinating:
3 Greenpoint Florida Grape x Stardawg
2 Greenpoint Santa Muerte x Stardawg
2 Greenpoint Cat Piss x Stardawg
2 Greenpoint Gorilla Glue #4 x Monster Cookies
2 Greenpoint Girl Scout Cookies x Monster Cookies
2 TG_Genetics Redemption
2 Dinafem Critical Cheese(not pictured-threw bag out )
2 random seeds brought back from a buddy when he went to Tallahassee Florida.(we all know Florida had those genetics)
Will all be Ran with Heavy 16 veg a+b,bud a+b, + Botanicare cal/mag

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Tangie x Fire could be wild! Stabilizing a new strain takes so long. A couple years ago I grew some peas that were touted as favorite of Louis XVI. Stable as bedrock. Yummy too.

I'm getting 12 kinds of excited about GG! We've had a long and dreary Winter, including a hard freeze 2 nights ago. Have 2 sites prepped and ready to go. Still thinking about making a 3rd site & spreading them thinner. It's always tempting to clump plants when you find a good site. Great on good years, catastrophic on the others. 3 Green Manalichi and 3 Trainwreck. I've also been thinking about next indoor grow.
You have any new projects coming up?
Almost forgot! Saw a really cool post today by FryingPanFlyer (or something like that) called Bonsai Mothers. Check it out.


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Ya, sorry when i said fire male was just using fire as an adjective not the strain. Breeding is what i truely want to do, most likely a move is the next plan where I can make that happen. I do have 4 of my roomates haze/thai cross that we have been slowly going through the hundred seeds to find a couple keepers. Had a couple close ones with a light grapfruit smell. So should be fun
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