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LED And Scrog


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Hello fellow 420'ers!

I am in the need of a little bit advise. Currently my grow room is a 4x4x7 ft. with a 600-Watt HPS.
Anyways, I am looking to improve my current method of growing and have some questions.

1. How big of LED's should I be looking for? I am planning on growing 4 plants in Scrog hydroponically.
500 Watt LED Would this be sufficient for my grow area? should I be getting 2x300W or 2x400W instead?

2. Would upgrading from a 600 Watt HID to LED be worth it? I can afford it money wise and I heard it does increase yield and speed up the grow by about a week or two.

3. I am planning on running a scrog with 4x 5 Gallon Hydroponic buckets. Planning on growing 4 different strains (Girls Scout Cookies, Train Wreck, NYPD, and Haze). My biggest issue is changing the reservoirs. Without moving the plants it is a pain in the ass. Previously I have just filled up with nutrients when the water got low. This method actually worked quite well, however, I am worried about the unknown levels of left-overs and possible deficiencies. I want to improve this process, I have heard of people using pumps before to suck the water out? What kind of pump am I looking for?

All help is greatly appreciated, thank you


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1. I have grown using a Budmaster II 675XG in the same sort of area.
2. I have no idea where you heard that it increases yield or speeds up the grow and I would question any information coming from the same source.
3. I have never ran dwc (I guess that what you mean by hydroponic buckets?) but in nft or any other hydroponic system I believe its always best to dump the res every 7days dependant on how big the res is.
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