LED Closet Grow With Auto Flowers - OG & Six Shooter

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Hey, for those that haven't followed any of my past grows, I hold an auto flower record. 1 auto Critical yielded 2.95 pounds dry. One Northern Light yielded 14.3oz dry. My last grow from 6 autos, I yielded over 4 pounds.

However, this grow is about quality. I want to grow the highest THC auto strain.

Before we get going, here are some pics from past grows.

Okay, now onto this closet grow.

In this grow I am growing in a 3x5.5 closet. I decided I have to use the portable AC unit.

I am growing 4 auto flowers in about 3 gallon pots made of recycled paper material.

2x auto West Coast OG
2x auto Six Shooter

Both are by Fast Buds that I got from Herbie Seeds, a 420 sponsor.

I am growing in 4inch rockwhool cubes that in in 100 Royal Gold coco.

I am watering with Calmag plus, and Flora Nova Bloom. I might use Flora Nova Grow for a few weeks.
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Re: LED Closet Grow With Auto Flowers - OG & Six Shooter

Damn bro you got it going on! I think I'll pull up a chair for this....a nice big comfy one ;) I'm about to venture into the world of autos myself, I have one think different that just popped a couple days ago, and a bunch more in the mail...auto blackberry kush, and auto ultimate from dutch passion. LSD-25 and crystal meth from fast buds and 2fast 2vast auto from heavyweight... Just to name a few lol
Hey I'm new still setting up for first grow. Thanks so much for shareing. I don't know anything. But I am going to be trying to grow autos also. I'm looking forward to following your grow.

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Hey ledrf hope the day was good to ya. Watched your vids and read your journals, i forget half of what i read by the end so im always having to go back, i got the idea to use floranova from you actually so its good to catch you in live action!! Glad to meet ya and im here, this is going to be a fun one!!
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Re: LED Closet Grow With Auto Flowers - OG & Six Shooter

Nice. I love how Think Different grows and Ultimate. Think Different comes out stronger more often than Ultimate. But when Ultimate comes out stony, it is very nice.

I also have LSD and Crystal Meth from Fast Buds. I can't wait to grow them.
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New to the site and to autoflowers. I started 3 LSD and 1 Critical from Herbies that are now 6 weeks old. They are making some buds but I'm sure they could be much better. I started soaking 6 vast n fast last night, I'm going to follow along with you and do the same as you if you don't mind. Thanks for sharing your knowledge... Peace
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New guy here too, I am growing 4 drk devil and 2 incredible bulk autos under a pair of your Black Diamond 800s in a 4x4 tent using your methods also. congrats on getting sponsored here, cant wait to see how this grow does. Double Peace

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We will be planting an auto today. Its our first auto. Taproot is ready to go. I'd like to follow you and see your technique. Great looking buds you have there. I'd like mine to look like that too. Have a great day.:)
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Me too. The goal of this closet grow is to get high THC from autos. I can't wait for my grow off between my Gavita Pro DE and Perfect Sun 1000. That's going to be a real changer for me.

Here is an update for this grow.

Here they were at day 18. I am still feeding with 2mL Calmag and 5-6 mL Flora Nova Grow per gallon of water.

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