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LED Dimmer


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I had a spare 500 watt led panel that I wanted to use in a light stand over a GH Rainforest but, of course, the light would have been too strong for young plants.

While some led grow lights come with built in dimmers, most do not.

A search of the internet turned up nothing (there were even warnings against it), so it is my pleasure to reveal that you can dim an led panel using a:
3A Variac Variable AC Power Transformer 0-130 VAC

3A Variac Variable AC Power Transformer 0-130 VAC

I use one with a 3 plug adapter and it controls and dims the panel over the Rainforest as well as the panel over my mother plants.


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Yowch! While this will work, you're putting a serious strain on your drivers by messing with the sine wave of power that they're being fed. While this may work.. for the time being.. there's no promises on how long it will be before your drivers start failing on you..

The proper/best way to dim an LED is by using a PWM circuit.. :peace:


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The light is hanging at the highest point from a Jump Start light stand above the GH Rainforest.
(Can't raise it & can't mount from ceiling).

BTW: 2 LED Panels + Variac= Still functioning perfectly.
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