LED & DWC - First Grow - Nirvana Blue Mystic

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Hello everyone!

This grow journal is a continuation of my problem thread LED - DWC - First grow - Leaves look yellowish
Please note that I live in Europe and I use the metric system with an EC conversion of 0.5

  • Deep Water Culture
  • 180W LED Panel
  • General Hydroponics Flora Series, Canna Rhizotonic, Hesi pH- (59% phosphoric acid)
  • Tap Water (EC of 130, Cal:Mg @ 5:1 with epsom salt to 3:1)
  • 2 airstones with an airpump (300l/h)
  • started from seed 18/6

My Growspace

Building my tote I originally had a stealth build planned, but that turned out to be unnecessary. The dimensions are 60x40x120. The Bucket uses up 30cm so Effective height is 90cm. My LED is dimmable so once the plant gets too high and I can't raise the light any more, it will be dimmed. I know this is not optimal and if my buds are not developing properly, I will make something else or just get a grow tent.

Info about my nutrient schedule
please note; this is not mine

The N-P-K ratio of the GH Flora Series if you add up GMB 1:1:1 is 8-6-12

[table="width: 500"]

For Grow I use an N-P-K of 16-8-20 in 2:2:1 EC @0.4-0.8 depending on the usual (.4 early .8 late)
so according to the table posted above the ratio would be 16-7-20
some math in my excel spreadsheet later I get my GMB levels in ml/liter
so for example in week 4 I use 6.2ml of Grow 6.2ml of Micro and 3.1ml of Bloom. This brings my EC levels of my nutrients to around 650-680 .Once I add in my tap water ec of 130 I get an ec of +- 800.

In order to get the EC of my GMB set: 1ml of Grow diluted into 1L of Tap Water, check reading. I did the same with Micro and Bloom.

The beginnings

She sprouted on December 5th. 2017 and was transplanted into the system shortly after. on December 10, 2017 I started her with some very light nutes

I set sunday as my weekly res change. On the 10th, during the first week until the 17th of December 2017 I added a normal dose of Canna Rhyzotonic to get her roots up to speed. During this time I top fed her and stopped on Week 3 once enough roots got into the water.

She was growing a at a good rate, but I started to run into problems. I did many beginner mistakes, I had my LED panel too close, I was missing Magnesium, my ph drifted too much and I overfed her in week 2 (17th) and 3 (24th)

I started with adding some epsom salt to the Nutrient Solution, but at this point I did not lower the EC (stupid I know, but beginners make mistakes)

The days go Past and we start week 3 (24th)

Once she looked like this, I lowered my EC to 700. But I fried her too much already. LED's were raised and ran her on only water for a day.

Starting week 4(31st) and 5 (January 7th, 2018) I noticed she was not doing too good. I got rid of a very badly damaged leaf which is why she looks so weird. Her growth is not nearly as fast as it should be, but there is a lot of new growth developing from below.

pH 5.8 (rises to 6.2 during the day, and I drop it back down to 5.8, this usually takes 2-3 drops of ph-)
EC @800 (G6.2, M6.2 B3.1) 0.5g Epsom Salt
I added 10ml of Rhizotonic, maybe it will help?

I actually wanted to be in Bloom starting week 6, but as it looks right now, I still think she could use another week.
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Update 14.01 Veg Week 6 (fuck)

Growth has been slow, very slow. I honestly can't say if she grew at all. New leaves might have come up, older leaves are not gaining in size. She has dried tips on lower leaves.
Temperature is:
Water Night 17-18c
Water Day: 18-20c
Room Night 19-21
Room Day 21-23
Humidity Day 35-40%

I placed a glass with some wet paper towels into the growroom to try and increase the humidity.

Before emptying my bucket, it seems that I have lost 1.5l of water over the course of this week. EC started at 750 and when I emptied it, it was at 830. I'm guessing this is because of lowering the pH with phosphoric acid. I'm unsure if my plant is eating, but it sure is drinking.


Since I don't really know if my plant is eating I did not up my nutrients.

1g of Epsom Salt, 6ml Grow, 6ml Micro and 3ml Bloom, and 20ml Canna Rhizotonic in a 10L Bucket
After 2 days of letting the water air out: EC was at 200 and p.H 7.6.
After added nutrients the p.h read 7.9 EC 810. After Rhizo 830. I proceeded with getting my pH down to 5.8. I added a drop too much, but 5.6 is good too.
My EC read 860 after lowering the pH. I guess this is due to the phosphoric acid turning something to salt which then raises my EC.

Roots look fine, no slime anywhere in my Bucket. Water looked pretty clear tho, clearer than my fresh nutrient solution.

I do have one concern. Young leaves from the top are still showing signs of yellowing just like in my pic above. I'd say it starts from the base of the leaf going up the main vein. Although some leaves have it on their tips as well. I'm not sure what it could be. I removed 2 wilted leaves (the biggest ones on my top pic) the stem is very wet. Can't say she's drying up lol.

Let's see how she goes this week. I don't really want to start over, I'd really like to learn what has been going wrong. Chances are I will mess up again on a new grow.

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Hope all is well in your world.

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