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LED - High Brix - C'99 - CBD Shark Shock - Afgooey


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Hi and welcome to my journal!

This is my first time growing cannabis, my past growing experience comes from outdoor vegetable and fruit gardening. I built a cabinet (6' wide/3.5' deep/6.5' tall) over the past few months to try some indoor gardening during the winter months.

Here are the grow journal details and specs:

What strain is it?

- CBD Shark Shock Indica 80% / Sativa 20% Shark Shock x selected male CBD Crew .

- Strain Hunters Afgooey Indica 70% / Sativa 30% Afghan x Maui Haze.

- Femaleseeds.nl C'99 Mostly sativa Cross of Grapefruit and Pineapple phenotype. Both derived from Brothers Grimm C'99.

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?

- Veg, sprouted seeds 2 weeks ago.

Indoor or outdoor?

- Indoors.

Grow Area Description and equipment:

Lighting type used?

- 3 x Mars hydro 5*144 reflector LED's used in veg and flower.

Is it aircooled?

- The cabinet is cooled by a 6" exhaust fan hooked to a large carbon scrubber mounted at the top of the flower side. Temps are managed by a Titan mercury 4 fan controller. Fresh air is first drawn through a filtered vent on the exterior of the veg side then it's drawn through the divider wall and exhausted out the roof of the flowering side to either my homes return air ducting or exhausted outside depending on the season.

Soil or Hydro?

- Soil

If soil... what is in your mix?

- Sunshine #4, worm castings, Doc Buds high brix amendment.

If soil... What size pot?

- Started my seedlings and will continue into veg with 1 gallon plastic pots. Flowering will happen in 7 gallon smart pot knock offs

Temp of Room/cab?

- Ambient temperature will be adjusted in the range of 70-85 °f.

RH of Room/cab?

- The RH is around 55% currently in the cabinet.

PH of media or res?

No need to measure.

Any Pests ?

- None... until I repotted and brought in a rosemary plant from the outdoor garden, fungus gnats. Yellow sticky pads seemed to take care of them. I also added slices of potato lure larvae out of the one pot and disposed of them. No signs of any more issues over the last week.

How often are you watering?

- Watered at initial planting of spouted seeds. First watering since planting happened just the other day (12 days between)

Type and strength of ferts used?

- Doc Bud's kit.

On hand for pest/disease prevention, treatment and eradication if needed:

- I'm only using the yellow sticky cards at the moment. I'll be looking to learn more about preventive maintenance regarding pests.

I hope you enjoy this journal. I've learned a ton from this forum over the past year and I'm really looking forward to producing some high quality cannabis.


3 seeds, 3 plants. Planted two of them a bit too deep:

CBD Shark Shock:


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Ummm, well, nice,,not yer first barbie, building things anyway,, well done,, cheers,,and reps for fine craftsmanship

Flower side needs to be near darkroom dark,, very important


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Great start Birdhouse! :thumb:

Major PITA

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Page #1? I'll take it!


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Wow, Birdhouse! You've attracted quite the illustrious group :). I'll sit quietly and soak up the knowledge.

First time I made first page!
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good luck :popcorn:

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fine looking cab Bird.

looks like you are off to a great start.

happy growing


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Looking all good pal,, some plants just goofs,, freaks even,

I called this one my elephant plant cuz it reminded me of the elephant man,,



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it's called a frankenstrain, nothing to explain kind of all in the name there :smoke2:


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Had a question regarding training. I've looked at few method's, mainline, scrog, etc and I came across this method the other day.

Looks like a great low maintenance way to train plants. The only issue is I remember reading in one of Doc's threads about not cutting the apical meristem because of hormonal issues.

Anyone care to share their thoughts?


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Well, I thot I knew everything,,,:Namaste:,,but,, apparently not,,wow,,:cheer::thumb:
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