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has anyone tried this light ? now that i am going indoors for the flowering stage i was gonna use one per plant and 1 ,100 watt cfl per plant...................any comments ? please feel free ...this is the first time i made it to flowering !
the basic details : Ultra efficient bulb uses only 2 Watts of power
5000K Daylight Spectrum spot light gives your plants the natural light they crave without the UV
Great for seed startup and kitchen herb gardens
Max absorption with virtually no heat signature and absolutely no Mercury
Lasts up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs

or just one of these ?

the basic details :5500K day light energy balance photo light bulb 5500K
Optimal color temperature
Approximate Incandescent Equivalent: 250 Watts
60 Watt CFL Full Spectrum Bulb
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One of my first grows I used 4 of these daylight bulbs:

Then I added in 4 of these soft white bulbs for the red:

Worked out really really good on a CFL grow. You just need to make sure you have enough lights when using CFL's. That LED light bulb I dont think it will be enough for what you want it to do. If I were you I'd just stick with the CFL's, you will probably get more for your money.

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Pass. I would go with a CFL over that LED.

How about this

for a CFL alternative suggestion.

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Pass. I would go with a CFL over that LED.

nice light obi wan....thanks ,how many of those 125 watt cfl's should i use, only have 3 plants. about a 3x3x3 area ? i am still going to use the red /blue plant light over each light (since they have been paid for and are on their way and fulfill the red (flowering spectrum)......and surround them with your suggestion ......how many of those 125 watt should i use per that 3x3x3 area ? thank u

Maybe two of these, same light in a nice fixture, kind of pricy but if you want a professional look in your grow these should deliver.

Hydrofarm FLCDG125D Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System

A 200 watt bulb will also work in that fixture.

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Definitely keep your current CFL's for additional lighting.

Regarding how many or how much light... as many or as much as you can effectively cool. You could simply add more, smaller CFL's to achieve your goal. I just wouldn't use that LED light previously mentioned.

I started my planning by figuring out what it would take to reach 50 watts per square foot in my space. I figured that would get me close to the output of a 400 watt HPS or MH lamp that are so popular:

3x3(50watts/sqft) = 450 watts of lighting
3x3(45watts/sqft) = 405 watts
3x3(40watts/sqft) = 360 watts
3x3(35watts/sqft) = 315 watts
3x3(30watts/sqft) = 270 watts
3x3(25watts/sqft) = 225 watts

50 watts per square foot is probably going to be too much to handle in that size area. From there, work your way down in wattage/heat until you have a number you can effectively manage with ventilation. Divide the final light requirement to provide even coverage over the canopy footprint if needed.

It's kind of an indirect answer but these are some environmental variables to test and work out before putting a plant into the box.



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Keep this in mind...

You want to buy that light from a company who tells you it's a grow light..

Yet they picture an incandescent bulb on their package. Incandescent bulbs can't grow plants.
This looks like a company that didn't do any R&D. I wouldn't give them a penny. If they don't know that Incandescent bulbs can't grow plants, how do you expect them to know what wavelength diodes to use?
Ive got a question, it's my first try at growing, i put my germinated seed in soil. Ive got an LED lightbulb that is 15W 790 lumens, is this enough to get a seedling growing a little? Any help is much appreciated
I'm just scared that the seed might die from either too much heat, or not the right type of lighting. I only have one seed so I don't want to screw this on up, I was lucky enough to be able to it to germinate nicely.
Ive got a question, it's my first try at growing, i put my germinated seed in soil. Ive got an LED lightbulb that is 15W 790 lumens, is this enough to get a seedling growing a little? Any help is much appreciated
I would be inclined to say no. Unless an LED is designed for growing with the proper wavelengths, you'd be better off with CFLs. There's no risk of too much light with that IMO, just a risk of not enough light, or incorrect wavelengths.
is there a good LED that you would recommend for growing? this is my first time and im not looking for an AMAZING harvest, I just want to familiarize with the basics and then know how do the professional type things to get the most from my plant. Preferably a cheap, cost effective LED
For an absolute first timer, I would suggest a Reflector from TopLED: http://www.topledgrowlight.com/reflector-led-grow-light-96x3w.html#.VDmtIhZBp58 (They have larger models available also)
See the light I suggested in action here: http://www.420magazine.com/forums/j...-48-x-3w-topled-reflector-10.html#post2232801
He just yielded 73 grams dry.. (Almost 3 ounces)
I suggest this model for several reasons, I'm familiar with the product, a lower price, ease of use, separate switches for Veg and Flower, proven to work in many grows, and a small manageable size for smaller grows.

I'm using one of their older model LEDs.

The reason I said no on the bulb, is I have some LED bulbs here, and I wired one up, and left it directly on a leaf for 2 days, and it made no changes at all, so I try to stick to lights that are proven. Otherwise, you could risk throwing money away.

But absolutely don't forget to check out the other LED light sponsors 420 Magazine has: Sponsors : 420 MAGAZINE ®

Whatever light you decide to buy you can be assure of 2 things:

1. It's going to work, it's going to work well, and it's going to last for years.
2. You have a forum full of friends here to help you with any questions you have about using the light.
Nice, im going to try two 100watt CFL lights 6500k and 2500k for the first time and then once I'm able to use that I'll go to LED
How much does that LED setup you sent me costs?