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Led question


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Hey Montreal-budz you came to the right place. All the info you will ever need to grow is filed within this forum.

honestly 10 is kind of an odd number to work with, 9 or 12 would work out pretty good for ya.

if you wanted 9 You could do 3 rows of 3, make about a 4x4 ft grow canopy. Then use 1 GS600-Pro-Bloom.

Have you ever checked into Grow Stealth LED? Our website has all kinds of backup info on growing with led's and led technology in general. The links in my signature if your interested. Plus if you willing to do a grow journal with your light, we can give you 25% off. We even have a $100 off coupon for the GS600 series available to 420 mag members.

if you need any information on led's I am always looking to chat!

Later Bro!


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If I was going to get an LED, GSL would be on my short list. From reading his site, he has an excellent understanding of what spectrums are essential and seems to use quality parts.

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