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lighting for stealth

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So I'm wondering if anyone has done a led sog method grow on a small scale? I have seen it done I'm bigger tents but I'm honestly going to start a journal in a few weeks with a 2x2x4 tent and one ufo 90 watt LED light for flowing. I have not seen much actual proof on why not to use one just he said she said. I have also heard and seen a few excellent grows done with a couple LEDs. I want to know the benifits of LED on smaller scales since I do live with my girlfriend and her sister and her husband and kids this does have to be discreet and quite witch leads me to my next question about climate control and odor control and how to make sure this is as quite as possible. I need to have something somewhat energy efficient and definitely stealthy. I want to hear what people think of led vs what people have first hand experienced with led lighting expecially if it's been done with the sog method


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1 90 w ufo will not have a very big light footprint i would suggest 1 small plant. If you have a look 2 pages back in my journal you can see a bit of a sog under led space is about 6x3x4h ft .
Keeping it completely hiddin will be hard id make sure there ok with it first. youll def need carbon filter fan and silencer, i suggest building a stealthy cab?
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