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Left out to dry to long


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Hello all

I cut my girls about 7 days ago
Stuck them in a room temp was 79 humidity was 30-45 no light

my problem is i got stuck out of town for work so when i came home the buds are dry very dry most of the bottom buds just fall off..

I put them in jars last night and opened them up today and still dry as heck..

can i put a lemon peel in the jars to help with this..

Or is there any thing else i can do to save this some what??



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lemon or orange peels are good. or find some fresh mj leaves to stick in there maybe...

sorry that sucks you got held up like that when your plants are hanging =/


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dont just throw the peel inthere..take foil and make a bowl shape over the opening of the jar then poke tiny holes in it with a pin...then place ONLY the lemon peel on it and close the jar. Make sure you "burp" the jars every day.


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Thanks again to all

I used the foil method

How long should i leave them like this

I would like to cure for at least 3 weeks but never had this problem before
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