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Legal but still paranoid

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Greetings fellow enthusiasts. I am a long time grower, having began my first crop outdoors in 1988. I was wet behind the years, not a good judge of character, and ended up with crop failure due an unprecedented heavy frost on August 1st. Then the RCMP came busting in one morning, and I learned the hardest lessons of any grower all in one season. What was left of my crop was stolen by my partners and I alone took the charges.

Ten years later, I entered a partnership and learned a great deal about indoor growing. Many of the techniques I learned, supercropping, LST, Lollypopping, light defoliation, and SOG are standard advanced growing today, but they were relatively unknown back then. Together, we experimented in an attempt to create the cleanest, smoothest and most tasty weed we could grow.

Meeting an amazing woman brought me to Washington, where I set up the best indoor grow yet. Several harvests produced beautiful Blueberry that my customers coveted for its smooth and delicious taste. But a knock on my door two days before harvest pretty much destroyed my life for years to come. Facing federal charges, I fled back to Canada with my wife.

We moved to BC and lived on Texada Island, and I was lucky enough to find and produce the legendary and incomparable Texada TImewarp in my garden. It still is to this day the finest weed I ever smoked. But an island wide powder mold infestation would frustrate my efforts in later years. We eventually moved back to the USA where I faced the music and plead guilty to the charges. One year later, a vote put forth to legalize the sale of marijuana was voted in.

Now, I live with my family in Washington, and I am legal to grow for the first time in my life. Yet I cannot shake the paranoia, the fear of always having to look over my shoulder. I have an exciting grow under way with Super LEmon Haze, lemon sour diesel, grape ape, la confidential and chemdawg. My other room is vegging THC Bomb, Berry Bomb, Critical OG, Supergirl and .Grandaddy Purple. I know this is a lot of strains. The Flowering room is full of mothers a buddy gave me to bud out. I intended only Thc Bomb and Berrybomb. The others can be blamed on free seeds from Attitude. I couldn't resist planting them.

I am using the Soul Synthetics line, replacing the bloom with Buddha BLoom for better taste. I am also using Hygrozyme, 604B and Growtastic as supplements. I am growing under 600 w MH Blue and 600 w HPS, then flowering under 1000 w Hps but will buy dual arc bulbs as soon as I can afford. I am using prepared Coco as a medium, in 15 G smart pots under 4x4 individual SCROGS. I expect heavy yields.

Thanks for reading my novel! I look forward to confabbing with all of you knowledgable folks soon.



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welcome aboard,man

But i have to ask,how did you get here?? I am a Canadian who moved down to the states,back in 97 and in that time my brother has never been able to get here,(he got a 4 plant cultivation charge in 92)
he is not allowed to cross the border,can go anywhere else in the world,but not here.He is also married to a girl from ohio,did not make any difference.

Im a green card guy,(will be naturalized,in nov) and in it I had to swear I didnt use or grow the deadly/sinful weed.lmao that worked out.

As for your question,there should always be an uneasy feeling,Its not federally legal yet, and until such time any growers doors could be kicked in.
same rules apply as they did back in the 80's--tell no one-answer no doors

excellent variety of plants
Your history of being bullied, harassed [and worse] is so upsetting, but the fact that you've never stopped growing is inspiring. You are a positive influence to the Cannabis community, and thank you for sharing your story.

:thanks: :goodjob: :high-five: :thanks: :welldone: :thumb:
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I was born in North Dakota to Canadian parents, then immigrated before I turned one. My parents were very neglectful. I moved out at 16 still with only landed status. Getting citizenship of the country my parents lived in was not on their priority list. I was able to cross borders as a kind of floating dual citizen. Now, due to the charges down here, I can no longer go back to Canada. I have not seen my older kids in 3 years and have been unemployed the entire time due to the stigma of my conviction. Sorry about your bro. It's amazing the lengths they go to in order to punish us for what amounts to nothing.


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thanks for the update man,I was really hoping you found a loophole.

I really do admire you sticking with the grows.:volcano-smiley:
hey man welcome to :420:
WOW, that's quite a bio, I'm always glad to have what I have at the moment and realize it could be lost on a moments notice.

Best of luck with your grow and may your future go a far bit easier on you than the past.
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Thanks to all for the warm welcome. It's great to share with like minded people. This grow has been going well, so far, though there have been a few hiccups. I am just learning how to transfer pics from my new phone, so I will start a grow journal. My Super Lemon Haze plants are thunking up, now approaching 6 weeks of budding. Same with the Grape Ape and LA Confidential. Actually, all of them of swelling nicely. But the problems I had vegging stemmed from, of all things, too low PH. I just didn't think it possible, so I considered every other option. It has delayed crop #2 by about 2 weeks, but the flip side is plants that are vegging all of the undergrowth to replace the dead fan leaves. They will be perfect for SCROG grow.