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This section contains information on how to stay as safe and legal as possible as a medical marijuana patient or caregiver. Attorneys, pro se defendants, and patients alike can make use of these legal resources, which includes information on: how to become a patient, rights and responsibilities, landmark legal decisions, how to defend a medical marijuana case, return of property, and civil issues such as employment, housing, and child custody.

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Legal FAQ
Answers to your legal questions.

Return of Property
Read about ASA's return of property campaign. Included herein is a template motion for return of property with instructions for filing and arguing it.

How to Become a Legal Patient
Protect yourself! Click here to read how to become a legally-recognized medical cannabis user in states with medical marijuana laws.

What the Law Says
This section contains medical marijuana laws in various incarnations, from federal laws to local ordinances.

Landmark Decisions
Key medical marijuana cases that have created legally binding precedent. Note: This section includes only Federal and California case law.

How to Defend a Medical Marijuana Case
These outlines are intended to help criminal defense practitioners understand medical marijuana law and serve as effective advocates for their clients.

Brief Bank
Review ASA's numerous legal briefs used in impact litigation to expand and further protect patients' rights, made available to both criminal defense and civil attorneys.

Know Your Rights
Medical marijuana patients should be aware of their rights under state and federal law. This section includes a legal manual and other resources to help you understand the law and what to do in a law enforcement encounter.

Federal Cases
This section includes federal court case information on people on the forefront of the struggle for safe and legal access to medical marijuana.

Upcoming Court Dates
Federal defendants need support from the community! Please consider attending any of the upcoming federal court dates of medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and doctors.

California Legal Tip of the Month
Monthly legal tips to help inform California patients and providers of their legal rights.

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