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Rocky Balboa

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The picture below is of my 14 white shark clones. They have been in bloom for 2 days. This is my first hydroponic grow. Anyone please help & leave some comments. Here is some info about the grow room.

14 White Shark Clones
Using A+B Formula until the end of week 2. Then into Bloom DNF.
I'm Using A 1000 Watt HPS Flower Light & I used a 1000 Watt Veg Metal Halide Bulb conversion.
I have a tri meter
Grow Room Temp: 78-80 F
PH: 5.3-5.7 Never higher than 5.7
Nutrients By what my tri meter says is between 40-50 which I believe you multiply by 10 which would be around 400-500 EC Or PPM which ever it is. I always get confused about that.

What is the average yield using a 1000w HPS light with flower bulb?

Please feel free to respond and comment. Thanks!

Here are my pictures:


Rocky Balboa

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I was told the PH was to be 5.3 to 5.7.

Should if be different in flowering?



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how is it you are able to have such large fan leaves and be so mature yet so so small????
Clones or Good Genes :)

See says so right there:
The picture below is of my 14 white shark clones.
I prefer to flower at 2 ft. not 3 inches
Just gives a better yeild, the more time you put in ...
like a lot of things in life
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