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The justice , in , legalizing , medical marijuana , speaks for itself !!! To know , no longer will there need , nor could ever want , the problems , that always go along with illegal acts , makes today a better day , a , way to feel , and , get better , as well as financially becoming more productive , whether , one day cultivates , or , becomes a caregiver / caretaker . I have a good feeling about this whole thing , and , yes , I too , feel whole ; once again .


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I'm glad you see the glass as half full. To me it seems like...
Well - it was truly legal before the government made it illegal.
Now this plant is being made 'legal' according to the government rules - just seems like a fancy way of saying that it's still illegal in about 1000 ways but we will be 'allowed' to grow a couple plants if we do everything exactly the way we are ordered to. I guess I never was that great at following orders and I don't recognize the 'government's' right to tell me what to do with an ancient medicinal plant.
In the end I'm going to just continue to do my thing and ignore 'legalization' the same way i did my best to ignore illegalizatiion.
But yeah it's a step forward. Or at least a step sideways
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