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Legalise all drugs - police chief UK


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This guys got his head screwed on:

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- Thursday, October 11 10:35 am

Controversial police chief Richard Brunstrom has called for the legalisation and regulation of all drugs in a new report.

Mr Brunstrom, the chief constable of North Wales, described the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 as "not fit for purpose" and "immoral" and urged its repeal.

Mr Brunstrom, in a report to North Wales police authority, described the current UK drugs strategy as "unwinnable".

He said: "The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 should be repealed and replaced by a new Substance Misuse Act based upon the legalisation and careful regulation of all substances of abuse in one consistent manner."

Mr Brunstrom urged his authority to support the stance in its response to the Government's Drugs: Our Community, Your Say consultation paper.

In a 30-page document - Drugs Policy, A Radical Look Ahead - Mr Brunstrom said: "UK drugs policy for the last several decades has been based upon prohibition with a list of banned substances placed into three classes - the ABC system - and draconian criminal penalties for the possession or supply of controlled drugs.

"This system has not worked well. Illegal drugs are now in plentiful supply, and have become consistently cheaper in real terms over the years.

"The number of users has increased dramatically. Drug crime has soared equally dramatically as a direct consequence of the illegality of some drugs and the huge profits from illegal trading have supported a massive rise in organised criminality.

"Most importantly, the current system illogically excludes both alcohol and tobacco.

"A new classification system, a 'hierarchy of harm' encompassing all substances of abuse and based upon identified social harms, should, in my opinion, be at the centre of a new substance misuse regime - one based upon evidence, not moralistic dogma." :peace:

Legalise all drugs - police chief - Yahoo! News UK
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