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Legalise Ganja To Stop Gang Warfare

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THE EDITOR: Our twin island is being destroyed by criminal activity. With this great idea that I bring before you is coming with a lot of thought. The growing disaster of our country is marijuana.

What I would call "Different So Called" gangsters are distributing this drug and I believe that is where gang warfare has started. I think if marijuana is legalised the warfare will end. The gang leaders won't be fighting over money because of legalisation. There will be no more warfare and crime will be shredded by a great deal. A lot of people smoke marijuana and because of that the leaders know it is a money making business.

If it is legalised then those who smoke will have it and then there will no longer be a hustle, and drug lords will be out of business and they would have to find something else to do.With the government helping to provide fair and meaningful jobs then we will have our beautiful islands back.

I will be very pleased and appreciative to come and sit with you, Mr Prime Minister, Mr President and the Speaker of the House, for formal discussions and solutions.

Source: The Tobago News
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Contact: Shevon Bartholomew
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