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Legalization in Texas?!


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Allen St. Pierre was heard saying,
"..there is a very good chance that an actual legalization bill is going to be introduced in TX soon from Ft. Worth Representative Lon Burnam. In the last two weeks I've helped them draft the bill and provide the economic analysis.

Decrim! Med Mj! Legalizaton! In Texas!!!

Hell...the only pro-reform bill Texas is missing in this suite is a pro-industrial hemp bill!"

Smell of Victory is getting stronger :3:


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I believe Lon burnam is a member of the DFW Norml, is nice to hear that he is trying to legalize it down here. but reality is that its not gonna be so easy were talking about texas. Harsh penalties for mj users down here it may be possible but its gonna take some time. Happy to hear that its being acknowledge
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