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Legalize Hemp Flyer to Print & Pass Out!

this flyer is great idea!
im printing a shit load right now and im gonna pass them out all over!
i attend the college of the sequoias full time, everyones gonna love this,lol:rollit:
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I have also taken the first steps to start an organization where I live. Things are looking good so far. I'm getting some great support from established organizations.

I will print and pass this out at the Rainbow Festival next week. Thousands already showing up.

May we all rise as one. I now have information that can help anyone become a creditor and move out of Jurisdiction A
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so, i printed out about thirty of these and passed them out at a local mcdonalds.
then i was asked to leave. but hey! thats 30 more people informed about the hemp society.
reminds me of the guy who invented the car that can run on water, where is he now, they killed him....they want all of us dead too anyone with a good idea or who can think outside the box, should be made stup id and locked up somewhere, thats what they do to revolutionist pple who otherwise would've changed the world. The silencers, they eliminate all the kind hearted ppl to continue their greed. Hemp all the way, burn in hell bush!!
ask any one , Can you name one industry that would NOT BE affected by legalization of hemp? Are there any changes that would make you worse off? Same goes for Cannabis.

Only ones that have a yes are ones being supported by fighting legalization of cannabis /