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Legalize Hemp Flyer to Print & Pass Out!


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I honestly did not know hemp was used for that many things haha...but I will say this....RIGHT ON DUDE! I am 100 percent for that!

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damn, hemp seems fucking magical. i love smoking weed, but industrial hemp is THE real deal.

how sick would it be if hemp was grown around the world for paper making? imagine, not having to cut down trees for paper anymore...that's a big deal. a really big deal


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I'll give it a shot, im sure all the geezers in fl are gonna love seeing this on the corner lol

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Been passin' this out in my town as well. Amazingly informative poster in not too many words. The graphics catch the readers eye very well.


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Where can one get hemp paper for these flyers?

Buy American Hemp! George Washington's farm needs the business.


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ya and when it is legal we will have a food shortage because the worold will have the munchies
let's keep hemp and smoking seperate, that's the problem with the "JOKE" with the media, they cant seem to seperate the 2 issues, I guarantee when the media talks about hemp they laugh about smoking it. they always thro that shit in there!
HEMP= non-smokeableFIBER
Marijuana= smokeable
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