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It bothers me a great deal that our wonderful plant is still illegal. I urge everyone to write to their senator and congressmen. Not just once becasue that can be ignored. Lets put constant pressure on these people. 40% of our contry smokes, it we unite and get our vioces heard it will be legalized. Don't just sit there and wait for some else to get it done.

Write your represntative, get your friends to wright them, get anyone who will write them to do so. We can all be revoltuionaries, get the facts, write 'em up, print 'em out, and hand 'em out. Just getting the facts out will educate thousands if most of us play a part(I belive thats the major problem to many people don't really know the truth about marijuana).

The time to act is here and now. Lets keep pushing untill the government has no choice but to listen. I hope all of you who read this do act. I hope you wont just read this and say someone else will do it and go one your way.

P.S. May your buds be strong and plentiful.

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