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Legalized Pot Long Overdue


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EUREKA -- Estimating that marijuana brings some $5 billion into the Mendocino County economy, the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors recently sent out an impassioned letter demanding that marijuana be legalized and taxed for the benefit of local governments.

It's a request that quickly gained traction in Humboldt County through 2nd District Supervisor Roger Rodoni, who said a revolution in the thinking about marijuana laws and enforcement is long overdue.

The Mendocino County letter advocates legalization, taxation, and regulation. John Pinches, 3rd District Mendocino County supervisor and the impetus for the recent letter, said the $5 billion figure comes from an estimate made by late Mendocino County District Attorney Norm Vroman, who believed law enforcement had managed to stop only 10 percent of the marijuana being trafficked through the county.

A simple mathematical calculation used that 10 percent figure to extrapolate out an estimated total of $5 billion for the county.

If the county were to only receive 1 percent of that -- as would be the county's receipt if those totals were subject to a sales tax -- it would nearly double the county's discretionary income by adding $50 million to its coffers.

Humboldt County, with arguably the most recognizable brand name in the marijuana trade, would not be far behind.

The revenue issue doesn't even take into account the conundrum that local agencies face while trying to enforce conflicting local, state and federal laws on the drug.

"California residents exist in a a state of tug of war over the interpretation of federal, state and local law," states the letter.

The letter, addressed specifically to the North Coast's congressman, Mike Thompson, asks for help in legalizing marijuana and making it a source of revenue for local governments.

"The time has come to call upon our leaders in federal government to initiate, sponsor and support legislation that calls for the legalization, regulation and taxation of the multibillion-dollar crop," said the letter. "Local government is in dire need of identifying stable revenue streams, and through your able leadership, we are confident that a taxing mechanism can be achieved."

But Thompson said he has tried in every session of Congress since he was first elected to advance legislation to allow states to make their own rules governing medicinal marijuana, with no success.

With all the other high-profile issues looming, Thompson said he doubts marijuana legalization is going to be at the top of anyone's priority list.

"I haven't been able to even get that bill heard," said Thompson. "It's a pretty big leap of faith to think we could come back and do even more."

The first step toward legalization, Rodoni said, is to get the conversation started. Raise awareness, make noise, build pressure -- and then progress can happen, Rodoni said.

Rodoni said that when he first took office, he couldn't even bring up the subject. Now serious discussions can occur, because some progress has already been made.

As for the political realities of Washington, D.C., Rodoni said the federal government just needs to butt out and abide by the 10th Amendment.

Anything not delegated specifically to the federal government in the U.S. Constitution is under the authority of the state governments, Rodoni said, and that should include marijuana.

The contribution that marijuana makes to the local economy is huge, Rodoni said.

"It's more than significant," he said. "It's a number that needs to get into the conversation."

While attending countless meetings on economic development that describe the components of our economy, the subject never comes up, Rodoni said.

"When the conversation is all over with, there's this giant elephant standing in the corner that no one looks at," Rodoni said. "How can you take some of these people serious when they're talking about the economy of Humboldt County?"

Pinches said marijuana represents Mendocino County's biggest agricultural commodity -- bigger than timber, bigger than grapes -- and the government needs to find a way to make it work for the community as a whole.

"Whether you love marijuana or you hate marijuana, it makes no sense for it to be illegal," said Pinches. "If we continue the way we're going, all county dollars will just go for criminal justice."

The 40-year-long war on marijuana has done nothing but drive up the price of the drug, he said.

"Didn't we learn anything from prohibition?"

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I think when one top, known lawmaker has the testicular fortitude to come out and clearly educate the american people (as well as other politicians), and renounce the whole reefer madness deal, THEN the $$ will be the carrot. til then even politicians who get it are too afraid to go public and break this 70 year long prohibitionist law. I believe it's kind of a situation where most of them do get it; they just want someone else to do the "breaking it to america."


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Nothing will change as long as the conservative moral majority still rule. Their minds have turned to stone. Even if they were told the truth about mj and how we've been lied to by our governments, they wouldn't be able to hear. Unless the churches can also get some of the revenue nothing will happen. Maybe they will have a Great Epiphany and find something in the bible to support the use of such a fine plant. :laugh2:


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Nothing will change as long as the conservative moral majority still rule. Their minds have turned to stone. Even if they were told the truth about mj and how we've been lied to by our governments, they wouldn't be able to hear. Unless the churches can also get some of the revenue nothing will happen. Maybe they will have a Great Epiphany and find something in the bible to support the use of such a fine plant. :laugh2:

The government only uses the Churches and the "moral majority" as a scapegoat for justifying 30+ years of failed drug policy and police expansion, not to mention the expanse of the prison system. The reason why drugs, hemp, Marijuane, and other drugs are illeagal, has nothing to do with the moral value system of the Nation, but everything to do with "police state expansion" of a so called "free society." The main problem with this wonderful opportunity that Mendicino county has at their grasp, is that you are going to be taking mony away from the biggest government agency on the planet, and that would be the black market opperations of the illeagal drug trade of the Central Intellegence Agency. Or C.I.A. for short. Yes, they control all the *edit, and even, comercial Pot trade, for the entire earth. It is the real reason we are currently in Afghanistan, to keep them terrible "taliban" from getting their hands on all the *edit profit, and use it for their "terrorist expansion". I'm afraid that they use the "moral majority" only as a scapegoat for their devious deeds. I know; I had to run and change an identity because I got a little too close to the truth. The real reason this measure will never see the light of day, is because you are getting into the pocket of the most dangerous, murderous filth that walks the planet with near total immunity. But good luck anyway. I hate to be such a "Buzz Kill" but at least we can still have hope.:32:
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I don't doubt what you say Lionheart. There is so much intrigue going on behind the scenes all over the world and nothing about CIA would surprise me. Moral majority are just voting sheep. I'm forever amazed that I continue to be amazed by it all.

Jim Finnel

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I appoligize for letting the words slip past in the first place. Staff is human and sometimes we miss stuff.

They are both banned words here. One of them is auto censored and the other needs to be added to the list.

I have noticed a form of Displaced censorship here

While I don't like censorship, here is one reason it is site policy on a few words...

If someone is searching one of those words do we really want results for those words poping up on google as part of our site?

Arent we all Adults?
If everyone was honest we would be. But unfortunately not everyone online is trustworthy. They cause problems for us who are. Also some adults are immature, take me for instance :cool:

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings or questions. For further debate on the subject why not pm me :smoke2:

Jim Finnel

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Why is anything a BAD word?
On a personal level I don't believe there are any bad words. Only the intent when they are used can be bad. They are words. Words don't hurt people, people do. They can create bad impressions in others due to their ignorance. But if they are for instance an employer you might want to say... you might be mistaken rather than your fucking up :cool: So we adjust our language according to immediate needs not just personal opinion. This is what I taught my children who were always free to tell me if they thought I was being an asshole. Of course I never was :cool:

oh and you are not my children :laugh2:
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Totally Cleared up.. Believe me.. I wasnt trying to promote those things at all, and I 100% comprehend your reasoning. Sorry for Breaking the rules.. I am going back to re-read them. I really love this site and would be heart broken to be banned again.:allgood::bong:

that would seem a bit harsh to me just for asking a question.:60:
its a fair question too :peace:


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I am still having a hard time figuring out the reasoning behind the censorship. I was just listing the other types of drug traded goods that the C.I.A. are involved in. It wasn't like I was describing a perverse act, or venting predujiced hatred towards a person. But still the message should be the same. I am 100% for the legalization of mmj; if I wasn't I would be on the "burn all the pot heads forum" moderated by the ones that were described in my original post. I think that if you study the history of why hemp was demonized and political pressure from big money who were threatened because of their controlling interest in the logging trade, you will find that hemp and mmj has nothing to do with moral terpretude, and everything to do with monopoly and control. I pray for the day that we can truly all be free to deal with our lives with responsibility and not by the dictates of a governmental overlord.:adore: Smokem if ya gottem:60:


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I understand what the economical and personal gains of marijuana legalization. But if it was legalized wouldn't the savvy smoker just start growing it themselves therefore digging deeply into the financial gains of taxation by the government. Therefore it is probable that they would stand to make more money by keeping their laws in place and getting fat off of the legal fees paid by convicted "criminals".
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