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Legislators Move Closer To Legalizing Medical Marijuana In Pennsylvania

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Legislators took one step closer Thursday to legalizing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. It's been a long time coming for many advocates, with the first bill linked to medical marijuana having been proposed in November 2013.

The House will consider the new bill when it's back in session next month.

"We still remain what I call 'locked to the dark days of prohibition,'" Patrick Nightingale of the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society said.

Nightingale has been fighting for marijuana reform in Pennsylvania for seven years. He said the current proposed bill is far from perfect, but called it a big step in the right direction.

"To hear confirmation from the House that yes, they do want (and) intend to take it up the week of March 14, it's the closest that we've gotten so far. We are cautiously optimistic," Nightingale said.

If passed and signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf, Nightingale estimates it would take two to three years for medical marijuana to be sold in the commonwealth due to regulations. By that point, Pittsburgh City Councilman Corey O'Conner is hoping that state goes one step further with marijuana.

In December, Pittsburgh City Council voted to decriminalize marijuana, meaning possessing small amounts of the drug is punished with a fine instead of an arrest. O'Conner said he hopes to see the drug decriminalized statewide.

"Philly already took that step. We've taken that step. I think it's a progression they will eventually get to. At least they're moving forward right now, and I think that's a positive step," the councilman said.

Advocates for medical marijuana point to the impact it can have on children dealing with seizures.

One such advocate is Jessica Hawkins whose daughter suffers from hundreds of seizures a day. Hawkins said cannabis oil is the safest and most effective treatment for her daughter.

"It's so much safer than everything else she's on. She's been in a coma from the medication that she's on that is FDA approved. She's almost died three times from it," Hawkins said.


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The wheels of government move slowly when the Government gives out rights but funny how they move quickly to take them away. To bad they did not spend this much time to pass the Patriot Act or for the supreme court to rule on Citizens United!
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