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Legislature Ignoring The Will Of The Voters


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In Montana, the people elect representatives to go to the Legislature to do the bidding of the majority of the people. In a representative government, it does not matter if the elected official personally agrees with the stated desire of the people, particularly where the majority of the people have voted their opinion. It is the duty and obligation of the elected officials to create a workable system to achieve the desires of the people and not engage in some private agenda at taxpayer's cost. So what happened?

Medical marijuana: In an actual vote by the people of the State of Montana, by referendum, 62 percent or more of the people voted to legalize medical marijuana. A recent poll affirmed that vote. Whether politicians like it or not, this is a "mandate." In direct disregard of the people, some representatives seek to repeal the law or make the business "nonprofit", which is the same as a repeal.

Gold mining: In 1998 and 2004 the people of Montana voted to ban cyanide leaching operations in gold mining. Another mandate by the people! In direct opposition, certain elected representatives are seeking to allow cyanide leaching operations in Montana.

Whatever happened to representing the majority of the people?

Stephen Moses

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