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Lemon Cheesecake in Large DIY Drip System

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so after 50 on the Gro set up equipment and 20 on a starter light I'm going to create my mothers for my grow I bought 2 foot tall tote and a 1 foot tall tote. With two 1/2 PVC for the feed lines and braided 1/2 inch for the circle thing. Drilled a butt load of holes in the upper and just an airstone to the reservoir. I am using 1/2 rinsed lava rock for the medium. I have a 2 port air pump and need to pick up a second one. Was gonna split one hose between them but o well. I am using a white 150 cfl bulb. That's what the box says. Just to not over kill them. But that's all further down the road I guess.. Just put it all together wish I would of did step by step pics but I still can cause the girlsarent in yet. I haven't done this in a long time and I am going to start from complete scratch this time.
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Went and got some basic nutes for these two gorgeous girls today, these are just the mothers for now, please inform me of whats the good mix, I am running on about 10 gallons of Water. but I just did the mix rate from the back of the bottle cause it didnt say per gallon I am willing to up it at any time but I dont really know that's why I am asking you all for help with this. I am currently at 6 ish ph its right between the two colors.

Here are the sweet hearts, there is Black Cherry Soda (pink pheno) and a Lemon CheeseCake.