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Lemon Haze 10 Weeks 5Days


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Sup Peeps

Just a few Questions, I am In two minds on about starting the 7 - 10 day flush I am currently at 10 weeks 5 days flower with my SLH and The main colas hairs are still white as hell and as this is my first grow im not to sure what to do, If i should start my flush now or what?

I have had a look at trichomes and theres abit off milky the odd amber and some clear. I have pictures attached.

Basic setup is DWC 30L Res air stones rocks etc , Carbon filter and fan grow tent flora nova food series 600W hps


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my plants look the same as yours, also at 10.5 weeks. I have been flushing for about a week now, will let mine go for another couple days.
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