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Lemon Juice Express Auto Ebb&Flow


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This will be an Ebb&Flow grow using Hempy pot tech.

My previous experience with Ebb&Flow I used rose pots with holes in the bottom and sides which was great for letting the liquid nutrients in but also an opportunity for the roots to grow outside the pot in the water tray that is fed from the Reservoir with the pump. I found that the roots in the pots didn't make much of an effort to fill the pot looking for water. That leads to a very unstable plant in the Perlite.

Plans for the grow.

I will be growing in Lowes 2gal bucket with 4 holes at two inches above the bottom to create a Hempy reservoir. I'm also going to drill 3-4 holes at the 3 inch level to allow for intake of liquid nutrients.

My plan for growing medium is to use 3inches of HYDROTON Clay Pebbles Growing Media with #3 perlite on top. The clay pebbles don't float as much as perlite does and will provide a good reservoir area.

I'm going to treat these plants like regular Hempy grows and feed them perhaps every day or two keeping the pot reservoir replenished. Early on for perhaps the first couple of weeks I plan on just hand watering and not using the Ebb&Flow system.

Initially for at least the first 3-4 weeks I plan to use my small veg tent with a dual bulb 2foot T5 fixture. Will have to see how they respond. Second light will be a HLG Quantum 100watt LED board.

Nutrients will be CaliMagic with Dynagrow Protekt and Grow adjusted to growing stages.


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Seeds are from Seedsman and are the Lemon Juice Express Auto. I received two freebies with an order made earlier this year.

Lemon Juice Express Auto is 80% indica that was bred from a Jack Herer and a Haze Auto. It is a short to medium-sized plant that is ready to harvest in a maximum of 70 days from germination.
Lemon Juice Express exudes a marked perfume of pine and lemon during its flowering phase. Its dense buds carry that over to the flavour which makes you think you have a lemon sweet in your mouth. It can grow indoors as well as outdoors; indoor yields are between 30 - 60 gr/plant while outdoors plants will grow taller ( 70 - 120 cm.) and yield between 30 - 90 gr/plant. THC levels are about 13% with 0.2%b CBD. The effect is invigorating, clear and mostly cerebral.

Don't shoot the messenger on this description. I originally purchased these based on a very different description of being Sativa dom. So we shall see what comes out in the end. I wanted to give another run at an Auto grow and these seeds were free. I have an additional 5 seeds I paid for so hopefully I will like the resulting grow.

I dropped two seeds on Sunday and by this morning had tap roots longer than 1/2 inch. Placed in Root Riot plugs with the taps pointing up and placed into a domed propagation tray. Planning on moving to the 2gal Lowes paint buckets with Hempy holes when I see tap roots coming out the bottom of the Root Riots.

Initial nutrition will be Clonex Solution at 1/2 strength.



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After a little rough start with extra long tap roots heading north out of the root riots things are settling down.

We have two nicely forming seedlings with first leaves sprouting.

I feel I can confidently call this Day Two! I did drop the seeds a week ago on Sunday the 15th of September and they were showing the cotyledon leaves a 2-3 days ago.

So Game On with a little auto grow. Currently under the 2foot 2bulb T5 fixture with 6500K blue bulbs.


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Update 4days later. Second set of leaves appear on the left. I think the right side is beginning to pot it's second.
Right now they are just working on pushing roots down and out. Once I see a tab root out the bottom they get transplanted into the Hempy bucket.


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Just to review I dropped these seeds on Sept 15. It's now about 2.5 weeks and we have a good start.

The feel a little slow on pushing taps out the bottom of the Root Riots but I would say by this weekend I will be ready to put the plugs into the Hempy perlite.
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